The last week of July 2022 brings together artists and community organizations to Tartu to discuss the diverse ways of connecting with the communities through arts and co-creation.

From 27th to 31st of July 2022 artists and community activists from Estonia, Denmark, Lithuania, Sweden and Latvia will explore each other’s experiences and exchange the competencies, focusing on how art can be a part of creating new bonds and pathways in a community. In addition to instrumental benefits of sharing the experiences and transfer of different practices of working with the communities, the workshop will also create new networks between organizations who are passionate about interactions between arts and communities. The workshop is an important step towards creating The Route Diverse, which is part of Tartu 2024- European Capital of Culture program.

Artists facilitating the workshops

Barbara Lehtna and Katrīna Dūka
Theatre makers Barbara Lehtna (EST) & Katrina Duka (LV) are an artist duo working with interrelational communities while making live performances. They are interested in creating spaces where human relationships can be drawn from emotions such as longing, belonging and togetherness and their work is rooted deeply in discourse of queer ethics. Almost all of their work is collaborative and they often work with other artists or non-professionals from other fields as the duo’s work examines the restless pleasure of connecting to other people while inviting the audience to step off their beaten path.

Kirsi Kaunismäki-Suhonen
Kirsi (SW/FIN) explores the boundaries of traditional choral music and strives to increase the share of co-creation in choir music rather than sticking to hierarchical approaches, and explores the Sing & Shine with Body and Soul methodology. Previously leading the Ruamjai choir, she now is the leader of Harjun Laulu choir and the artistic leader in Sing & Shine Choirs in Jyväskylä. Kirsi has been rewarded with her choirs in international choir competitions and festivals.

Anna Maria Blicher Skanborg & Wanjiku-Victoria Seest
Anna (DK) and Wanjiku-Victoria (KEN/DK) are part of ACT, a transnational theater company based in Copenhagen whose aim is to create a platform where multiple cultures share the stage and actively fight stereotyping and discrimination within the arts.

Liucija Dervinytė
Liucija (LT) is a textile artist who examines the relationship between culture and nature, our interrelations, and how this affects the sustainable development of a society. Liucija is also a co-founder of the organisation Ideas Block and Arttice platform.

Participating organisations

Ideju Blokas is a Lithuanian organization and a creative space/platform for creation and development of ideas (eg unite different artists and NGOs, to promote exchange of ideas, knowledge and skills). Idėjų blokas is organising and supporting a variety of cultural expressions, from art exhibitions and residencies, to music, diverse multimedia production, education, talks, workshops, films, publications, and meaningful handmade material goods, while also involving people of different origins and promoting multicultural creative community, and sustainability.

Solidarity Network Y?! brings together grassroots activists and groups from across all three Baltic states. Through participatory and emergency funding opportunities, as well as a strong belief in pushing past individual responsibility in addressing systemic societal injustices, an intersectional framework is applied to its activities and initiatives.

Research Centre of Organic Farming has throughout years been initiating and been part of diverse projects and programmes popularize the topics of organic farming and environmental sustainability.

Baltic Drag King Collective aims at building a more inclusive society in Latvia by increasing the visibility and understanding of LGBT+ community members and gender. It seeks to renegotiate the traditional understanding of masculinity and to expand safe spaces via drag, education and debate. Eventually, the platform seeks to bring together activists and artists from Latvia and the Baltic region to strengthen LGBT+ and feminist activism. Baltic Drag King Collective is a catalyst for the Latvian and Estonian drag king scene, working together with Baltic drag artists and activists to produce drag shows, workshops, lectures, discussions and community events around a fab masculinity and LGBTQ rights. Producer of the first Latvian Drag King festival in 2019, with the subsequent Baltic Drag King online festival in 2020 and Baltic Drag King festival 2022.

Active Rainbow (LT) is a community of youth workers, youth leaders and trainers, activists and volunteers with a multicultural and intersectional background.

For more information you are welcome to contact Nastja Pertsjonok,, + 372 51 32 891

The workshop is funded by Nordic Council of Ministers’ through the grant program for Nordic-Baltic NGO cooperation.

Featured imaged borrowed from PolicyLink