International House Tartu has been working with diverse communities since the very beginning, but since we have become part of official program of European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024 with our The Route Diverse initiative, we have been looking into how to link work in communities and arts. To explore the question from different perspectives. we will gather 30 artists and people involved with communities from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Sweden and Denmark to share our experiences and co-create new ones.

The workshop will take place from 27th of July 2022 to 31st of July 2022, and the organizations to take part are: Idėjų blokas LT (Lithuania), End Ecocide Sweden (Sweden), Research Centre of Organic Farming (Estonia), Kallid ja Pai (Estonia), Center for Magtanalyse (Denmark), Pingvini (Latvia) and Active Rainbow (Latvia).

The aim is

  • To gather Nordic and Baltic organisations that are using (or want to use) arts in their work with the communities and create network
  • To initiate the transfer of different practices of working with communities
  • To explore the nature of co-creation and the potential of different arts to build the community sustainability, incl. by together exploring the meanings that are important for these communities.

What if I am interested?

We might be able to include a couple of persons into the project, and we also want to try out some of the things we´ll be talking about with the communities. So if you feel you´re interested one or the other way (to join the workshops, to try something out in your community) – please let us know and we´ll get in touch! For this, please write to or call Nastja, the project coordinator: + 372 51 32 891

Project Creative exchange for community cohesion: the power of arts when co-creating with communities has received funding from Nordic Council of Ministers’ Grant Programme for Nordic-Baltic NonGovernmental Organisations’ (NGO) Cooperation 2021 Estonia