Summer is the time for being more outdoors, running and jumping and generally rediscovering the playful inner child we all have somewhere inside 🙂

To make summer (and later other seasons, too :)) more fun, we are collecting different indoor and outdoor physical games that are played in other countries.

Please share some of your favorite games with us!
We are especially interested the games from other countries that are not played so much in Estonia.

What kind of games?

The main thing is that it has to (1) be physical games, (2) be doable in Estonia, (3) should not require lengthy process of learning, and (4) should suit a group of people.

More concretely, we are looking for the games that

  • are physical, i.e. involve some moving around (so we are not looking for board games or suchlike),
  • can be played involving several people or teams (so, a game that only can be played by one or two people does not work so well),
  • does not require terribly expensive equipment or equipment that probably does not exists in Estonia,
  • has to be doable for people who are not athletes and do not have special skills (so, for example, Argentinian pato game that is played on horses won´t work)

…and last but not least…
you need to know the basic rules (so it should not be a game you have only heard about and you do not know for sure how it is played).

For example, it can be a game that can be played both professionally, but at the same time also can be played by people who have just learned the rules. For example, cricket is not so well-known in Estonia, it requires a lot of knowledge and skills to be played well, but still, a basic game can be played after some hours of learning and it is fun.

What will we do after collecting the games?

After we collect the games, we will do two things:
1) We would like to have a small public event in Southern Estonia in which we could teach local people 1-2 games and then play together. Just for fun, to mingle, meet new people, spend a day outdoors outside of Tartu. This activity would be for adults and young adults, not for kids.

2) If there are games that can be played with kids, we would like to share them with Estonian schools and Liikuma kutsuv kool – an initiative that promotes kids having more opportunities for physical movement and is working towards integrating different movement-based games to be a natural part of kids´ school days. We think it will be a nice gift to Estonian schools and will add a multicultural perspective into their work.

I want to share a game!

Please fill in the form and we will get in touch with you (if you agree and leave your email, of course). If you want to share several games, you can either fill in the form several times and just omit the background questions that repeat (but keep the name/email, so we know how to get in touch) or just use the same form and describe several games shortly.

Do you have any questions or thoughts? You are welcome to get in touch!

Nastja –, +3725132891