How do we relate to or communicate with other species? Art is one way of exploring perspectives of different species and relations between them. If that is something that speaks to you, perhaps you would like to be part of a process of creating art installations into the South-Estonian forests, guided by visual artist Jane Remm?

If yes, here´s your chance! The Route Diverse is looking for people to join the process of creating art installations focusing on the relations between us, humans, and other species.

Who is Jane Remm?

Jane is an artist, art teacher and artistic researcher. She is a lecturer of art didactics at Tallinn University, BFM, and is doing doctoral studies in art and design at Estonian Academy of Arts. Remm’s work focuses on the representation of the experience of nature, communication and co-creation with different life forms. She is interested in understanding and interpreting the experience of other species and communicating with them as equal dialogue partners via visual media. She values manual working and co-creation with other species as a way of perceiving herself as part of nature.

How often do we meet?

The process consists of approximately 10 meetings that will start in autumn 2023 and continue until spring 2023. The exact dates will be agreed upon with the group, trying to find dates that would be suitable to the majority.


Majority of meetings will be in Karula National park (where the installations will be located). Since several people will be coming from Tartu, transport will be organized by us from and to Tartu. Some meetings can take place in Tartu, if it is logistically easier for the participants.

If you are interested, please fill in the form: The Route Diverse – 2022-2024 – Google Forms

What´s the larger context?

The Route Diverse is International House Tartu initiative that has been chosen to be part of official program of European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024. The main focus of The Route Diverse is to explore living together as a group, both in the sense of different ethno-cultural origins, but – as in Jane´s work – also in the sense of living next to each other as different species. You can find The Route Diverse on FB and on Instagram.

Image: Jane Remm. Views on a Landscape. A Pile. Oil on canvas. 2019.