International House’s Köömen has started a new project to explore and share the culinary & cultural knowledge of all of us who live here in Estonia to the locals as well.

It’s time to end the tyranny of the potato and make sure Estonians get introduced to some real authentic flavours. Let’s get inspired from recipes of the world, and let´s share our cultures & stories through food! 🙂


We want to show the diversity and specialities of different cultures & cuisines to local Estonians. While the internet is full of recipes we want to get it a bit closer to all of us living here. We want to provide locals with cool recipes of dishes from all around the world, but also through food give an insight to the foreigners living in Estonia.

It can be about how do you manage to get the hard-to-find ingredients in Estonia, about rituals related to food back in your country of origin, or about your journey to Estonia…. we all have something to share with others. 🙂

After all, we are all one community in this small country!

How can I join?

If you would love to share your countires recipes and a bit of your culture or your experience here, please get in touch at or just send a message to our FB!

We´ll have a FB/Skype chat to talk to you more in detail and to jot down the recipe we agree upon and have a mini interview to get a glimpse of the context. And then we design and print it and..share with the people!

Köömen is a social enterprise run by non-profit International House Tartu. We are trying to  show the beautiful and inspiring aspects of cultural diversity that stem from people of different backgrounds living in Estonia, while at the same time helping refugees to get better access to the labour market.