Welcome to the Estonian Culture Program! We hope that you will enjoy it and learn lots from it!

The aim of the program is for you to know Tartu and Southern Estonia in different ways – through history, music, films, literature, nature, hiking etc. It is also a way to develop your networks, find new people and friends, get to know new organisations, places and activities that you can participate in also later on.

The course consists of 10 activities that you can participate in. These are: 5 sessions and 5 other activities.

The sessions are set beforehand and will take place on every other Saturday, starting from the 19th of December, and continuing on 2nd of January, 16th of January, 30th of January and 13th of February. Normally, the sessions are 3-hours long, from 14.00 to 17.00. The sessions have particular topics that are pre-set, for example, nature, history etc. Sessions can happen both indoors and outdoors, depending on the topic and weather.

Discovering Aparaaditehas, June 2020

Nature session in Peedu, August 2020

Music session in Tartu, October 2020

The other 5 activities are not pre-set. You can participate in these other activities depending on your time preferences and interests, preferably within approx 3 months. It could be going to a cinema or street art hunt through the town, it can be a visit to a museum or us going ice skating. We will propose the as we go; we will send information to your email and you will reply and tell us when there is an activity you want to join. You are most welcome to also suggest topics and activities that are of interest to you, then we can see if it is possible to arrange. Additionally, you can also share your skill with others and, for example, propose to make a workshop etc.

Visit to Toy Museum, October 2020

Virtual Reality Tour: Tartu in 1930ies

The funding of the program requires participants to attend 80% of the activities, which means 4 out of 5 sessions and 4 out of 5 other activities. When a participant attends less, we will not get compensated for the costs already incurred. The attendance is proved with the signatures that we collect to an attendance sheet.

A small visualisation of the program:

To sum up: Please be prepared to stay with us during next 2.5-3 months. In other words, if you only stay in Estonia for one month, it won´t work. However, we know that it is hard to participate systematically, and we, of course, understand that we all have different things to do, our plans change etc. Most of all we are asking: if you see that you won’t have time to participate, if the needed 80% seems too complicated, or you need to travel, please let’s talk it over and we’ll find a solution. Until now we have always found a way that leaves everyone happy.


Situation regarding COVID-19 is changing, so are the rules and restrictions. We adjust our program to the situation; as of now we switch to a hybrid version of the activities: some elements can be online, sometimes activities will be outside, sometimes we will propose you to visit a place individually or in pairs (with one other person) to comply with 2 + 2 rules. However, we definitely also want to keep meeting in person as long as it is possible, since meeting new people is one of the aims of the program. In activities where we meet in person we ask you to wear your mask and remember the 2+2 rule.

You are also welcome to join the Facebook group for the culture program. That’s the place where we will share information about upcoming events in Tartu and Estonia and some general information. We also encourage you to share your experiences and ideas with others in the group, or team up when you´d like to do something, but you lack a friend who shares similar interests!

Your main contact for the culture program is Merilin. If you have any comments, questions or concerns, you are most welcome to share them. You can either comment on this file or write to merilin@internationalhouse.ee.