When? 18.08.2019, 11.00-14.00
Where? Tõravere (bus leaving 11.20 from Tartu Bus Station).

Probably all of us have been emotional about weather in Estonia, and many have learned to check weather forecast before leaving home 🙂

But how are weather measurements done? Let´s check it out at Estonian Weather Service open doors day at Tartu-Tõravere Weather Measurement Station, and in addition, we´ll visit Tõravere Observatory!

On Sunday it is Estonian Nature Day and Weather stations are open for public at certain times. We thought, it´s cool, but ….the tours were in Estonian only. And then we asked Estonian Weather Service if we could have an exclusive tour in English, and they agreed… and even better, our guide will be Ain Kallis, the known Estonian climatologist whose name most of Estonians have heard 🙂

What are we going to do?

You´ll see what device is being used for weather measurements now and back in time. We will also have a tour to Tartu Observatory and check out the outdoor expositions. Kids can make toy paper satellites… under a real satellite 🙂

Please let us know if you want to join (FB message or send email to info@internationalhouse.ee).

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