If you work in Estonia, and your employer is covering your social taxes (or, if you’re a freelancer and you pay your own social taxes), then you are probably insured by the Estonian Health Insurance Fund (EHIF). Just make sure you have registered your residence in the country. If you are currently unemployed but registered in the Unemployment Insurance Fund (Töötukassa), then you also have access to health insurance. Children up to 18 years are also insured.
If you are insured by EHIF, visiting the public health care provider is either free (e..g visiting family doctor) or costs 5 eur/visit (specialist doctor).

If you do not know if you have Estonian insurance, you can check it at www.eesti.ee (you have to log in with your ID card) or by calling Estonian Health Insurance Fund.

If you are from an EU/EEA country and you are insured back home, your insurance is also valid in Estonia. To use this insurance you need to have your EU Health Insurance Card with you, additionally you will need your ID. This gives you same rights with persons insured in Estonia. Check with your health care service back home if you do not know how to get it.

If you are not eligible for health insurance from the state, you should get your own from a private provider. If you have your private insurance you normally have to pay yourself first (at least if the amounts are not huge) and then get refunded, but check with your insurance provider. You can find some private companies providing health insurance for expats (e.g. Ergo, Salva, Swisscare), but in some cases you can purchase your health insurance directly from the EHIF (see voluntary insurance contract).

In some cases you can get help without insurance: mostly in emergency situations, but there are also options to get help from family doctors when you are officially a citizen of Tartu. For more information you can contact Tartu City Government Health Care Service: tht@raad.tartu.ee, +372 7361 321 or +372 7361 322.