Registering in Estonia

EU/EEA citizen
If you stay in Estonia longer than 3 months, you are expected to register your residence in Tartu latest 90 days after arrival in order to obtain the right of temporary residence.
Within one month from registering your place of residence, you must go to the Police and Border Guard Board (PPA) to apply for an Estonian identity card (ID-card) which certifies your right of temporary residence.
Read more about residence: PPA

Non-EU/EEA citizen 
Normally, a non-EU citizen gets temporary residence permit already before coming to Estonia. However, sometimes arrival happens based on a visa and then you should apply for temporary residence permit at Police and Border Guard Board (PPA). When you get the residence permit, you also get the residence card which is pretty much like ID card Estonians and EU citizens have. After receiving your temporary residence permit you also need to register your residence in Tartu.

Good to know:
Migration advisors of PPA are there to support foreigners settling in Estonia. Advisors work in in Estonian, English and Russian – so if you have questions, just get in touch! You can also book time for appointment online.