Would you like to step closer to Estonian culture, to discover new places in and around Tartu and meet new people?

The next culture course groups start on
26th of September and continues on every second Saturday until 21th of November. Course times are 14.00-17.00. Register here.

Join the culture crash course Culture Gate that lasts for around 3 months and is free of charge. The program gives you the opportunity to get to know Estonian history, Tartu cultural symbols, visit different museums, expand your network, discuss your experience of relocation and keep up to date with what is happening in Tartu – and much more.

The program is designed to be interactive and dynamic. In addition to getting an insight into the culture, you´ll expand your network.

“It gave me kind of a new sight to Tartu and I was happy to meet many new people”  Participant autumn 2019


Thursdays, from 15.00 to 18.00, on following dates:
3.09.2020, 17.09.2020, 1.10.2020, 15.10.2020, 29.10.2020

Saturdays, from 14.00 to 17.00 on following dates:
26.09.2020, 10.10.2020, 24.10.2020, 7.11.2020 and 21.11.2020


Read also the blogpost about culture course written by Bing Hua Liu.

Register: on the links above (under groups times) or write an email to info@internationalhouse.ee.

Want to know more? Write to info@internationalhouse.ee or call Nastja: + 372 51 32 891

Topics of the course days, in brief:

  • Estonia and Tartu: one or many cultures? We´ll speak about Estonia and Tartu, history, about people living here, and also touch upon the changes in the culture, relocation etc. 
    Main partner for this topics: City Museum
  • Nature:  We´ll about Estonian nature, about people´s relation to environment – and we´ll of course go and experience it.
    Main partner for this topics: UT Nature Museum
  • Education and science: We´ll talk about schools education (back then and now) and Tartu´s role in scientific developments.
    Main partner for this topics: UT Museum
  • Art: there´s a lot to discuss and see 🙂
    Main partner for this topics: it´s gonna be from theatre backstages to the streets, you´ll see!
  • History and folklore: There´s a lot of old Estonian traditions that have made it into today… and there´s many stories to hear, patterns to see (and maybe even songs or dances to try out).  
    And of course we will visit Estonian National Museum.

The course is carried out by International House Tartu in cooperation with University of Tartu Museum, City Museum and Tartu neighbourhood initiatives.

The course is funded by the Integration Foundation  through the European Social Fund.