When: Friday, 25.01.2019, 16.00-17.30
Where: V-Spa Conference Center

When looking for a new home in a new country, plenty of questions might arise. Where and how do I begin my search? Should I ask for a contract? Is the proposed price good? What to do in case of problems with the owner? If you recognize any of the questions, than we have an event for you!

Finding accommodation in Tartu event is an opportunity to get advice on finding an apartment as a foreigner.

Real estate broker Peeter Õkva speaks about situation at the real estate market, so you know what is realistic to find.
Ingmar Lääts from Expat Legal Estonia goes through possible legal questions.
Egle Koitla from Swedbank tells about foreigners´ opportunities to get real estate loans.

We will also discuss what are the best ways to find accommodation in Tartu, what are the goods and bads of different types of accommodation, and ultimately, you can share your own experience and discuss the experience of others.

The event is free of charge but registration is required.

To register, please send an email to info@internationalhouse.ee or a message to International House Tartu Facebook

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