Did you ever needed medical assistance in Estonia and didn´t know whom where to go or whom to ask? Public health care system can be confusing when moving from country to country, but – from common cold to more serious illnesses -, it is comforting to know whom to ask.

City Government of Tartu and International House Tartu are inviting you to hear about health system in Tartu. The brief overview of general health care system will by followed by presentation about general practitioners in Tartu.

At the end we´ll have a discussion on what health care related experience you as a foreigner have, and what are the possible gaps in the system for a foreigner who tries to navigate it.

The event is free, but registration is required.  For registration, please write an email to info@internationalhouse.ee or send us a message on Facebook or post a comment in the event.

Powerpoint slides about health care by Piret Väljaots