The Route Diverse is International House Tartu initiative that has been chosen to be part of official program of European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024. The main focus of The Route Diverse is to explore linguo-cultural diversity of Southern Estonia, create contacts between people of different language groups, and ultimately, make it into a piece of art.

We are looking for new people to join us, so if you live in Tartu/Southern Estonia, but you are originally from another country or you come from a family with a different cultural background, you might have a unique opportunity to take part in creating Tartu 2024 events and experience firsthand how an artistic program is developed in cooperation between communities and artists!

If you are

  • curious and openminded and like to connect with people of different backgrounds,
  • ready to commit some time,
  • interested in exploring Southern Estonian local communities
  • willing to help with practical tasks, when possible

then we invite you to join us!

We expect

  • that you are ready to share experiences of your life in Estonia, and reflect on your cultural background experiences,
  • that you are curious to meet others who have settled in Estonia and get to know local people in Southern Estonia, not just as a tourist, but trying to understand people living there,
  • you have time and energy to be actively involved in creating events and participating in them.

Please read before signing up:

  • What type of events will be there? We are flexible and open to different types of events, as long as they allow for active involvement of people participating in them (i.e. a lecture would not be the preferred approach :)). Please check on FB what events we have had so far. We are considering new events as we develop the process further, and we might end up exploring supernatural stories or digging into environmental issues, or something else. So be prepared that topics vary (and you are most welcome to propose topics, too!)
  • How much time should you have for this? Until spring 2023 we´ll have one event a month and you do not have to be involved every time, but we expect some kind of repeated involvement. From spring/summer 2023 we´ll get deeper into artistic production and this means that we also expect regular participation (the exact timeline will be jointly set with the artists and Southern Estonian communities). So, especially if you want to be part of artistic process, we expect you to stay throughout the process, i.e. throughout 2023. We can make some exceptions, so if you are really motivated, you are still welcome to get in touch, but we can not make too many of them because we need a core group of people who do not change.
  • We will be working in a couple of Southern Estonian local communities in Valgamaa and Võrumaa. The process does not entail visiting as many different locations as possible, but to visit some locations repeatedly, since we want to go in depth rather than try to cover as many locations as possible. Please see if it makes sense to you, some people prefer to explore new locations each time, and the recurring visits to the same place might not be their cup of tea.
  • It is not a job proposal, it is a proposal to create and explore together. So we are looking for people who can put in their time without financial remuneration.

Still interested? Wonderful! Sign up!

Please fill in the form and we´ll get in touch with you*!

*We are checking the form regularly, but if you do not hear from us in a week´s time, you are welcome to contact (see contacts below).

For more information please write to or call Nastja: + 372 51 32 891