Exhibition “Estonia In Our Hearts”, made in cooperation between International House Tartu and Estonian National Museum, entwines the stories of the new citizens of Tartu who are originally from Mexico, Columbia, France and Russia.

The exhibition is open in the Participation Hall of the Museum until February 17, 2019.

We asked artists to pick a photo to describe their Estonian experience. 

Alexandra, France/Reunion Island
Simple, humble and beautiful. These are the first words that come to my mind, to describe Estonia. Picnicking by the lake, hiking in the forest, sledding down the slopes in the winter, going to the sauna, listening to the silence, observing landscapes where no building can be seen… So many activities that feel like luxury to me as I grew up in the suburbs of Paris. The lifestyle in Tartu has a lot of non obvious similarities with Reunion Island, where I am originally from. And it is why I feel so good here. Tartu is the place where I have lived the longest since I have left France. I consider it as my new home.